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Anyone familiar to board games knows that a Friday night in college is an excellent time for board-gaming and making friends. Although four members of our group were high school friends from Austin, Texas, our group grew to an energetic six once we began our freshman year of college at Baylor Univeristy. Whether spitefully wiping each others' creatures from the board in a game of Magic: the Gathering or spamming curse cards in a game of Dominion, the six of us became fast friends over dorm room tables. Creating a game was only a natural result of our friendship, love for gaming, and the quick and creative mind of Lead Designer, Trip Gauntt.

Houseplant Games after being legally recognized as a Partnership


John "Trip" Gauntt is the Lead Designer for Houseplant Games. He is from Woodlands, Texas and founded HPG because he was frustrated that there were so few games that pit two brains against one another.

"Aim at your best realistic future and fear your worst realistic future."

Garrett Weber is a Game and Art Designer for Houseplant Games. He comes from Phoenix, Arizona and founded HPG because he loves having an innovative and creative outlet that will result in entrepreneurial experience.

"Life is short. Be glad it isn't shorter."

Nate Bridgman is the Communications Lead for Houseplant Games. Coming from Austin, Texas, he founded HPG because in it he saw an opportunity to develop his professional resume with fellow Baylor students and friends from high school.

"My wrist deserve a shout-out, I’m like, ‘What up, wrist.' My stove deserve a shout-out, I’m like ‘What up, stove?"

Ben Henselman is the Administrative Assistant and a Game Designer for Houseplant Games. Hailing from Austin, Texas. he founded HPG to gain experience designing, producing, and selling a tabletop game. He hopes to learn from the Kickstarter process.

"Some days you're the dog and some days you're the fire hydrant."

JR Diehl is the Operations Manager and Lead Developer at Houseplant Games. He comes from Austin, Texas, and founded HPG because he has enjoyed games his whole life and is excited to have the chance to help bring these games into being.

"Gaming isn't a pastime, it's a philosophy."

Mitchell Elequin is the Business Development Lead for Houseplant Games. He is from Austin, Texas, and founded HPG because his closest friendships have been formed over character sheets, twenty-sided dice, and competitive board games.

"The life of the mind leads to more poignant expressions of the heart."